Hi. We're Joey and Robyn Coffman.

Counseling, coaching, and teaching are what we do (for the past 25 years, in fact!) We are 26 married years in, with two amazing kids (19 & 16). We both grew up in sunny Southern California and now enjoy living in quaint Prescott, Arizona. We also run a boutique-sized non-profit: 10|10 Ministries. We're passionate for all things salty (water, popcorn, tears). And, to top it off, we love Jesus, family, deep conversations, and unhurried living.


Working Robyn is life and breath to my soul. She is honest, gentle, wise, and so led by the Holy Spirit. When I started working with her, I knew she was a good therapist but I had no idea what I had found in her. She has helped me grieve, rejoice, focus, and ultimately bring me back to the kindness and faithfulness of God.

Kristen Bunger
Joey and Robyn have a serious gift for helping high-capacity leaders discover their deeper emotions and motivations. Their couples counseling sessions are more beneficial than any other marriage resources I know of.
John & Melanie Dickerson
Robyn is engaging, and relevant. With an amazing balance of grace and truth, Robyn helps women discover and experience freedom in Christ. Whether it is one of her workshops, Bible studies, or personal counseling, Robyn has an genuine ability to connect with women and help them grow.
Cathy Peach

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Beyond the Clutter

Unlock your overwhelm, eliminate the clutter, and regain focus in every area of your life.
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Beyond Skin Deep

Unlock and strengthen your self and body image from the inside out.
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Surviving Epic Trials

This in-depth bible and deep personal study will help you get through your hardest times and give you hope. 
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Surviving Epic Trials | Workbook Only

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How to Process Traumas & Trials | Complimentary Handout

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The Heart of God | Complimentary Handout

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