Beyond Skin Deep by Robyn Coffman

Beyond Skin Deep

For every woman who longs to see herself the way God does, it's time to UNLOCK AND STRENGTHEN your self and body image...from the inside out.

Your eCourse enrollment gives 12-months access to the following:
  • 50 Page, Beyond Skin Deep Workbook (digital download)
  • Orientation + 3 Modules + Conclusion Modules with videos of Robyn Coffman guiding through the study
  • Bonus "Dive Deeper" Teaching Video and 2 bonus handouts

In the beyond skin deep course, you will...

  1. Identify your primary "image influencers" and what it means to truly embrace a healthy self image. 
  2. Discover the difference  between self-conscious and self-confident living and how to change.
  3. Begin to heal from messed-up messaging you received throughout life in practical ways.
  4. Learn to integrate relevant Scripture into your thoughts and find other ways to nourish your soul.
  5. Live less divided and more aware, grateful, and kind towards who you are, regardless of outside pressures. 

Affirming. Challenging. Freeing.

Want to feel comfortable in your own skin?

It's is a secret desire for a lot of us. BEYOND SKIN DEEP guides you to a deeper acceptance of who you are, looks and all, without the shame.

Join Robyn Coffman, (BCCC) as she guides you through the discovery of what it means to have a healthy self image, using her new eCourse, Beyond Skin Deep. (Click "preview" buttons below for a glimpse.)

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13 mins
Download Workbook
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Module One
Module 1: Teaching Video
16 mins
Assignment: Part 1 - Your Self Image
Assignment: Part 2 - Image Influences
Assignment: Part 3 - The First Letter
Assignment: Part 4 - Let’s Get Real
Dove: You’re more beautiful than you think.
(Optional) Raju The Elephant Article
Module Two
Module 2: Teaching Video
15 mins
Assignment: Part 1 - A Backwards Approach
Assignment: Part 2 - Self-Conscious or Self-Confident?
Assignment: Part 3 - Closing the G.A.P.
Assignment: Part 4 - The Second Letter
"10 Forms of Distorted Thinking" Worksheet
29.1 KB
10 Forms of Distorted Thinking: Teaching Video
11 mins
Dove: Choose Beautiful
Module Three
Module 3: Teaching Video
24 mins
Assignment: Part 1 - Lessons from other Women
Assignment: Part 2 - The Third Letter
Assignment: Part 3 - An Undividedness
Assignment: Part 4 - Celebrating a Healthier You
(Optional) Selected Excerpts from Shauna Niequist
10 mins
(Optional) Video: Stop and Hear the Music
(Optional) Referenced Article: Stop and Hear the Music
Digging Deeper: Teaching Video
8 mins
The Making of My Self Image
33.5 KB
My Defining Moments
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I realize I've beenoverlooking my strengths and assets because I'm always tearing myself down. That's all changing now.
- Anonymous

When I look at myself in the mirror, I don't wince anymore. 

- Anonymous
It's a new feeling. I'm actually catching myself smile. 
- Anonymous

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